Bloody Mary's Promotion
Directed by

Noriyasu Ogami

Produced by

Kimio Ikeda

Written by

Go Nagai

Air Date (JP)

February 7, 1981

Air Date (UK)


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Bloody Mary's Promotion, (ブラディマリー昇進! buradi marī shōshin!) alternatively known as Commander Makara's Promotion is the eighteenth episode of X-Bomber. It aired on February 7, 1981 on Fuji TV in Japan.

This episode is notable in that it was excluded from the English dub, Star Fleet for being the third flashback episode. It is considered the "lost" episode, though really it was simply skipped.

Plot SummaryEdit

XBomberCrewpatch Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Shiro, Hercules and Lee are unable to sleep, they are too busy worrying about Lamia, whilst Dr. Benn vows to find her. Makara and Orion close in on the Imperial Planet, awaiting their promotion, while Halley struggles to gain contact with Lamia.

Shiro is busy thinking about how he helped Lamia meet up with the Skull and ultimately led to her kidnapping. Lamia pleads with Shiro to take her out to the Skull against Dr. Benn's orders. The Alliance attack and knock Lamia into space, and Shiro struggles to catch up to her amidst the rapid laser fire. Lee shows up and gives them cover fire as they retreat back to X-Bomber. (Lamia: Girl of Destiny)

Meanwhile, Hercules thinks back to how he doubted Lamia's budding powers. His skepticism leads to him refusing Lamia's orders and not being there to help cover X-Bomber from Alliance attack. X-Bomber is severely damaged, with her air supply leaking rapidly. Hercules tries to help P.P.A. fix the systems, but passes out. (X-Bomber: Death on Planet M) Stricken with guilt, Hercules throws punches on his bed, waking Lee and Shiro, who console him.

On the Imperial Planet, The Imperial Master gives Makara and Orion their promotion to the rank of Commander and Captain. They celebrate with a glass of "Gelma ale" and watch their previous successful attack on X-Bomber. They watch as Lee struggles to switch air supply to auxiliary systems, but they've failed too - PPA sets off to fix it as the bridge crew lose consciousness. (X-Bomber: Death on Planet M)

After landing on the Planet Molphane, the Alliance attack the already crippled X-Bomber as they send ground troops to board her and capture Lamia by force. Lamia and Kirara man the turrets but fail to stop them. Shiro and Hercules regain consciousness and save Lamia from the Soldiers. PPA, Dr. Benn and Lee are able to kill three others that corner them, as Shiro and Hercules give Lamia covering fire. Lamia tries to escape, and Kirara is shot trying to protect her. The Soldiers use a grenade to cover their escape with their prisoner, successfully seizing F-01. (Lamia Kidnapped) Makara has a triumphant laugh of their success.

Back on X-Bomber, the crew continue their search for Lamia, but know that time is running out rapidly.


Voice CastEdit


  • This episode is also known as "Commander Makara's Promotion" to give it a title relevant to the English names.
  • In all, about roughly 7 minutes of new footage appears.
  • This episode was only ever dubbed in Japan. This episode was never dubbed for any foreign dub, likely for the same reasons the English dub didn't.
  • Shiro and Hercules' posters in their bunkroom include pictures of Thunderbird 2, The Fireflash, The Sidewinder and Skythrust from Thunderbirds. They are especially noticeable in this episode.
  • Makara and Orion become Commander and Captain respectively in their promotion. Interestingly, they are always at this rank in the English dub.
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