Board the
Imperial Alliance Mothership
Directed by

Noriyasu Ogami

Produced by

Kimio Ikeda

Written by

Go Nagai

Air Date (JP)

March 14, 1981

Air Date (UK)

April 2, 1983

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Board the Imperial Alliance Mothership, originally titled in Japan as Board The Gelma Mothership! (ゲルマ母艦へ突入せよ! geruma bokan e totsunyū seyo!) is the twenty-third (twenty-second in English) episode of Star Fleet. It aired on March 14, 1981 on Fuji TV in Japan and April 2, 1983 on ITV in the UK.

Plot SummaryEdit

XBomberCrewpatch Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

In order to beat the Imperial Master to Earth, X-Bomber has to travel at twice hyperspeed, which means overriding the computer safeties and operating the controls manually, meaning running the risk of overloading the power cells and blowing up X-Bomber. The crew decide there's no other course of action but to take that risk.

Meanwhile, Makara is rushing to repair the Imperial Battlecruiser so they can pursue X-Bomber. Captain Orion lays in the sick bay, mortally injured after being struck by a falling beam. The injured Caliban, miraculously having survived the destruction of the Death Ball, tells Orion he has suffered severe cerebral damage and cannot resume his command. Orion, determined to die an honorable death, requests Caliban assist him in taking his drone craft, to which Caliban agrees. The Termoids notice Orion's drone craft launch, to which Makara believes he's deserting and orders an attack, but Caliban tells her to hold fire as Orion is making one final attack on X-Bomber. Although, reluctant in believing the cowardly Orion would do such a thing, Makara orders fire be held.

Back on X-Bomber, Lamia wonders how she can demonstrate the powers that the prophecy tells her she will have. Professor Hagen reassures Lamia that despite lack of a scientific explanation she will become a force for good. In the bridge, alarms go off as the crew override safety measures. PPA tracks Orion's drone craft closing in, matching X-Bomber's extreme speed. Captain Orion issues a challenge to the crew of X-Bomber to fight. He opens fire on X-Bomber from behind, but Shiro refuses to slow down enough to fight effectively using the computers. Hercules opens up fire with the rear firing lasers but can't target properly without the scanners. Shiro executes evasive moves but Orion is set on his goal and follows them.

Shiro manages to get X-Bomber head on to Orion's carrier and Hercules is finally able to hit him with the top laser cannons, severely damaging Orion's craft. However, Orion maintains a collision course, declaring "Commander Makara, this is your true Orion - Long Live the Imperial Alliance!" before ramming into X-Bomber's starboard side, crippling her but destroying his ship and himself. X-Bomber is now rapidly losing velocity and repairs must be made as the ship continues to Earth.

Repairs are finally complete on the Imperial Battlecruiser and they set off in pursuit of the slowing X-Bomber. Shiro, Hercules and Lee are busy carrying out repairs outside. Lamia and PPA track the Battlecruiser and Professor Hagen calls them in to fight. But X-Bomber is in no shape to fight, and they stay out and attempt to finish the repairs to the point X-Impulse can be used. Makara opens up fire on X-Bomber from behind and Hercules is knocked off the hull, but Lee is able to pull him back in by his tether.

X-Bomber turns around and uses its laser blast on the Battlecruiser, but the Battlecruiser raises its new shields, repelling their attack, and returns fire on X-Bomber. Unable to use X-Impulse, Shiro, Hercules and Lee launch Dai-X and junction as soon as they've taken off, heading for Makara's ship, much to Caliban's distress.

Dai-X plunges into the power shield outside the entrance to the launch bay of Makara's ship and penetrate the shield. Dai-X rampages through the ship towards the engine room. Caliban attempts to escape but is crushed by falling debris as he cowers in a corner. Dai-X ravages the ship, destroying the engine room before wrecking the bridge. Commander Makara attempts to flee too, using her lift off command deck, but Dai-X catches up and crushes her using Dai-X's fist. Hercules proclaims "This is for Dr. Benn!"

The ship starts to go up in a series of explosions and flames. Professor Hagen, P.P.A. and Lamia believe that all is lost for the crew of Dai-X, but Dai-X flies out from the launch bay just in time, much to their relief. Meanwhile, the Imperial Fortress exits the Thalian Zone as the Imperial Master and his fear-crazed advisors are committed to the obliteration of the planet Earth.


Voice CastEdit

Main CastEdit

Character Japanese Voice English Voice French Voice
Shiro Hagen Toshio Furukawa Jay Benedict Éric Legrand
Barry Hercules Shigeru Chiba Constantine Gregory Marc François
John Lee Naoki Tatsuta Mark Rolston Frédéric Pieretti
Lamia Mami Koyama Liza Ross Aurélia Bruno
PPA Yūji Mitsuya John Baddeley Marc François
Professor Hagen Mikio Terashima Al Matthews Henry Djanik
Commander Makara Rihoko Yoshida Denise Bryer Annie Balestra
Captain Orion Reizō Nomoto Sean Barrett Christian Alers
Caliban Kenichi Ogata Al Matthews Henry Djanik
The Imperial Master Banjō Ginga Jacob Witkin
Narrator Yuzuru Fujimoto Peter Marinker Marc François

Secondary CastEdit

Character Japanese Voice English Voice French Voice
Termoids Masaharu Satō Jacob Witkin Marc François
Imperial Councilman 1 John Baddeley
Imperial Councilman 2 Jacob Witkin Frédéric Pieretti

Equipment UsedEdit

Earth Defence ForcesEdit

Imperial AllianceEdit

  • Imperial Fortress Planet
  • Imperial Battlecruiser
  • Imperial Carrier Craft


  • Stock footage from the Pilot, Scramble X-Bomber, Wipe Out the Transport Fleet, The Mysterious Ship, Skull and X-Bomber Goes Forth is used.
  • The shot of Dai-X with its fist out inside the Battlecruiser is used as the iconic cover of Star Fleet Project.
  • This is the only episode in which Captain Halley is not seen or heard since his first appearance. Though he is mentioned.
  • The Imperial Master's Japanese name "Gelma" is still seen onscreen, as referring to the Imperial Fortress on X-Bomber's maps.
  • This is the first time where the Imperial Master is portrayed by a man in a suit. He was portrayed by Toru Kubo.
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