Name Braincom
Launched 2999
Affiliation Earth Defence Forces
Pilot(s) Shiro Hagen
Developed by Professor Hagen
Length 14 meters
Width 8.3 meters
Height 7.2 meters
laser blast
First Appearance Wipe Out the Transport Fleet
Last Appearance A New Beginning for the Galaxy

Braincom is one of the fighter craft that forms part of the experimental Dai-X.


Known as Brainder in the Japanese version of the show and in the British comic material which used the Japanese mecha names, it forms Dai-X's head, and is operated by Shiro Hagen. As an independent fighter craft BrainCom seems to be the fastest and most manoeuvrable of the three fighters.

When the going gets tough, BrainCom can bring several firepower options into play. The first of these is a continuous yellow laser beam fired from the X-Emitter on BrainCom. This was used to destroy the Death Planetoid. Dai-X's eyes can also be used to fire two red laser beams. The final option is the X-Tracer attack. This resembles a miniature X-Impulse attack as pulses of X shaped laser fire are sent towards the target from the X-Emitter. (X-Emitter is a phrase made up by SFXB, incidentally!)[1]

Braincom measures 14m in length, 7.2m in width and 8.3m in height.[2]

When not in use, BrainCom is docked on the underside of X-Bomber, behind the 'neck'section.[3]



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