Captain Orion
Full Name Captain Orion (EN)
Lieutenant Kozlo (JP)
Homeworld Thalian Zone
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Yellow
Affiliation(s) The Imperial Alliance
First Appearance Scramble X-Bomber
Last Appearance Board the Imperial Alliance Mothership
Voice Actor(s) JP: Reizō Nomoto
EN: Sean Barrett

Captain Orion (Kozlo コズロ) is the snivelling second in command of Commander Makara aboard the taskforce battlecruiser.


As with all the Imperial Master's subjects, one eye (the right) is covered by an ornate implant, in Orion's case in the form of a centipede. His left arm is mechanical, ending in a cruel pincher.

Assisting Commander Makara with strategic planning, he instructs fighter carriers and fighter units directly. He doesn't use tactics against his enemy and instead just commands wave after wave of Imperial Fighters at their enemy. Though this has worked in the past, this strategy's weakness is highlighted when fails to work against X-Bomber.

Despite being commander of the fighters, Orion does not have much say in what goes on; Makara is always there to give her own orders. Orion tends to spend most of his time carrying out Makara's wishes and accepting the blame when things go wrong. Despite the frequent tongue-lashings, Orion is desperately keen to win the approval of Commander Makara. Because of this, he gets jealous when Captain Carter wins her praise as the new strategic officer, and is pleased once Carter dies in his duel with Shiro. Makara thinks of Orion as a coward and an imbecile.

Orion's main characteristic is his incompetence and complacency - he always goes along with Makara's schemes, even when it is obvious that they will fail, and it is this which helps to ensure that the Imperial Alliance will never attain the ultimate Power it longs for.

If Orion was in Makara's position his actions would be just as evil, if not more evil than hers. He has ambitions for promotion to a higher rank in the army by distinguishing himself in action. He is good with cold and mean strategy, but is a timid person and often makes errors at the last minute.

Due to their constant failures, the Imperial Master strips Makara and Orion of their rank and sends them into exile after their failure to kill Lamia on the Planet Callinean. During repairs to the Imperial Cruiser, Orion is dishonorably injured, by a falling beam. Mortally wounded, Orion is informed by Caliban that Makara is "splendidly indifferent to your suffering".

Hoping to prove Makara wrong, Orion steals a drone craft for a suicide attack against X-Bomber. X-Bomber manages to down Orion's craft, but Orion maintains a collision course and dies when he rams into X-Bomber's starboard side, severely crippling her. Makara sullenly proclaims her final attack against X-Bomber in Orion's memory; "Orion shall not have died in vain".


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  • Orion's name is, perhaps intentionally, mispronounced as "ORRY-on"
  • Orion is shown as being creepily attracted to Lamia upon her capture in "Lamia Kidnapped", though this still fails to distract his sense of duty.
  • He is named Admiral Karzul in the French Dub, Koro in the Italian Dub and Scorpio in the Arabic Dub.
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