Christian Alers
Born July 21, 1922
Paris, France
Died March 4, 2019 (age 96)
Nice, France
Nationality French
Occupation Actor, Voice Actor, Stage Actor
Years Active 1945-2000

Christian Alers (July 7, 1922 - March 4, 2019) was a French actor and theater actor. For four and a half decades, he worked continuously in all departments of art, theater (including stage direction), cinema, TV and dubbing. Among all these activities Christian Alers always privileged in the stage, appearing in countless plays, most of which were light comedies.

By his regular appearances in parts boulevard theater filmed for Au théâtre ce soir, Christian Alers is a familiar figure to the French public. He retired in 1991, though would voice acting roles until 2000.

He voiced Admiral Karzul and The Major in the French Dub, Bomber X. He briefly left the series after its hiatus after Episode 12 and was replaced by Jean-Paul Coquelin, however returned starting with Episode 16 (although Coquelin's voice as Karzul is heard in Episode 17 for whatever reason).

In film he is best known for his role in Éric Rohmer's Le Signe du Lion (1962) as Philippe and Jacquelin's father in Going Places (1974). Christian Alers directed three plays: Docteur Glass ou le médecin imaginaire (1965) with Darry Cowl, Une femme à louer (1967) with Yoko Tani and 1986's L'Interrogatoire with Claude Jade for the Paris Festival 13.


  • Cyrano de Bergerac (1945)
  • Le Droit de l'enfant (1949) as Raoul
  • Le Mariage de mademoiselle Beulemans (1950) as Albert Delpierre
  • Le Huitième Art et la Manière (1952) as Un présentateur
  • Fumée blonde (1957) as Jacques Moreau
  • Madame et son auto (1958) as Fernand
  • Drôles de phénomènes (1958) as François Chantour
  • La Brune que voilà (1960) as Louis Sabatier
  • Snobs! (1961) as Libou
  • Le Signe du Lion (1962) as Phillipe
  • les saintes chéries (1965) as Jacques Robin
  • Au théâtre ce soir (1966-1984)
  • Force 8 (1974) as Monsieur Tavel
  • Going Places (1974) as Jacquelin's Father
  • Paul et Virginie (1974) as The Baron
  • Le pied!.. (1975) as Bernard Moreau
  • Le Juge Fayard dit Le Shériff (1977) as Judge Fayard
  • Julie pot de colle (1977) as Serge Payrac
  • La Cassure (1981) as Albert Thoulouse
  • Marie Pervenche (1984) as Commissaire Ladevant
  • Catherine (1986) as Mathieu Gautherin


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