Commander Makara
Full Name Makara (EN)
Bloody Mary (JP)
Homeworld Thalian Zone
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Red
Affiliation(s) Imperial Alliance
First Appearance Scramble X-Bomber
Last Appearance Board the Imperial Alliance Mothership
Voice Actor(s) JP: Rihoko Yoshida
EN: Denise Bryer

Commander Makara (Bloody Mary, ブラディ・マリー a.k.a. the Angel of Death) is the chosen emissary of the Imperial Alliance, Makara commands its flagship battlecruiser.

Bio[edit | edit source]

Proud, ruthless and slightly unstable mentally, Makara is nonetheless devoted to the service of the Imperial Master. She often faces the prospect of dire punishment from the Imperial Master due to her constant failures, but her faith in herself and the justice of her mission is unshakeable, and generally she can persuade the Imperial Master to allow her one more chance.

Makara has fiery red hair and three eyes to match; two belonging to the tiny mask that covers her left eye. Though this appears to be a decorative part of her helmet, it is in fact a symbiotic dual personality through which she communicated (in a male voice) with her master. Her right arm has also been replaced with a vicious-looking biomechanical replica.

As evidenced by Princess Keeli's testimony, Makara had been dominating entire planets for some time before the events in Star Fleet had transpired. Earth would have been no exception if that had been her primary mission, but it wasn't. The Imperial Master had sent her to identify and capture the F-01, which the Imperial Alliance believes to be in Earth's solar system.

She considers the people of Earth inferior and arrogantly orders that they give up F0-1. An able warrior with good strategy, she is nevertheless defeated by the X-Bomber crew, acknowledging them as worthy opponents and a good match.

Eventually, the strain of her repeated failures drives her over the edge and she becomes obsessed with destroying, rather than capturing, F-01, against the Imperial Master's orders. This obsession leads her to enlisting Caliban, whose Bionic Assassin is sent to kill Lamia, which successfully manages in killing Dr. Benn.

With her failure on the Planet Callinean, and only 2 months until the dawn of the year 3000, the Imperial Master strips Makara and Orion of their command and sends them into exile. Makara refuses to accept this and still pursues X-Bomber. She throws all her forces forward in one final attack on X-Bomber. This fails, when Dai-X penetrates the Imperial Cruiser and her protective shields, killing Makara and Caliban and sending the ship ablaze. She is literally killed at the hands of the Dai-X.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Voice Actors[edit | edit source]

Makara's Symbiote

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Her Japanese name, Bloody Mary, is an allusion to Queen Mary I (1516-1558) of England. Her merciless executions of Protestants caused her opponents to give her the sobriquet "Bloody Mary".
  • In X-Bomber, she is only a Captain until promoted to Commander in episode 18.
  • She is named Commander Gorgona in the French Dub
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