Dr. Benn
Full Name Dr. Benn Robinson
Homeworld Earth
Gender Male
Age 42 (born 2957)
Status Deceased
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Affiliation(s) Earth Defence Forces
Known Relatives Lamia (surrogate daughter)
First Appearance Scramble X-Bomber
Last Appearance F-01 Assassination Plot
Voice Actor(s) JP: Mikio Terashima
EN: Peter Marinker

Dr. Benn Robinson (ドクトル・ベン) (2957-2999) was commander of Moonbase and Commander of X-Bomber. He was one of the top scientists in the solar system and the man in charge of the X-Project after disappearance of Professor Saburo Hagen, he possesses the widest knowledge of mechanical science, also becoming Lamia's caretaker afterwards.

The Doctor is a peace-loving man, and would much prefer the Bomber to be used as a space laboratory instead of a warship. However, he recognizes the need to destroy the threat of the evil Imperial Alliance, and the part that the Bomber must play in that.


Always calm and self composed with watchful eyes that monitor all situations correctly, he has the ability to create instant and bold strategies. He is never without his pipe. Dr. Benn captains X-Bomber and is in charge of navigation. Strict when instructing the team, he is actually quite broad minded in teaching them effectively, according to their characters and abilities. Benn is regarded with something approaching awe by his young crew.

Dr. Benn is killed in Episode 19 of the series, being killed defending Lamia from Caliban's Bionic Assassin. Specifically, he is killed by the poison injected into his system after being cut by the Assassin. Dr. Benn declined the medical assistance that Lamia offered (not knowing the scythe cut was poisonous), incidentally the assistance probably would have saved him.

The death of Dr. Benn (along with the death of Captain Carter) helped create further determination by the X-Bomber crew to destroy the Imperial Alliance. He was buried on planet Callinean. Shiro takes his place in X-Bomber's command structure, but knows he can never really fill his shoes.


Voice ActorsEdit


  • Dr. Benn is the only character whose age is definitively known, as shown by his gravestone in Episode 21 ("DR. BEN ROBINSON A.D. 2957-2999"). Contradictorily, material often cites his age as 50.
  • Despite his gravestone spelling his name as "Dr. Ben", his name is spelled out as Dr. Benn in the English end credits.
    • In addition, Dr. Benn's monicker is rather unusual as normally a person's last name would be used for their monicker as Doctor.
  • In Arabic, Dr. Benn is named Dr. Fahman.
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