The following is a list of episodes for the television series Star Fleet made in 1980, originally aired on October 4, 1980 in Fuji TV in Japan, with the English version airing on October 23, 1982. On this list both the Japanese and English airdates are shown, the Japanese airdate is above the English.

All 25 episodes were released in Japan on Laserdisc in 1993 and DVD in 2003 by Pioneer LDC. The Complete English dubbed series was released on DVD in the UK on February 9, 2009.


Screenshot Title Air Date #
Pilot "Pilot" N/A 0

An Alien Cruiser is Spotted Outside of the Solar System and annihilates all of Pluto Base's defenses. Captain Custer (Carter) orders that Dr. Benn and his secret X-Project be launched at once.

Previewshow "X-Bomber Ready to Launch, Preview Show" October 4, 1980 (JP) 0

A Preview of Episode 1, with behind the scenes views with Go Nagai, and with specially shot scenes with the characters and a live studio recording of Bow-Wow's cover theme for the series.



Screenshot Title Air Date #
Sfxbep01 "Scramble X-Bomber" October 11, 1980 (JP)
October 23, 1982 (EN)

2999: a gigantic Imperial Alliance battlecruiser wipes out the EDF's Pluto Alpha Base and heads for Earth. General Kyle orders X-Bomber to intercept it but the craft is only 90% complete and not up to the task. Badly damaged in the ensuing battle, it crashes on the Moon.

Sfxbep02 "Super Powerful Imperial Alliance Fleet" October 18, 1980 (JP)
October 30, 1982 (EN)

Unable to gain contact with the crash-landed X-Bomber, Lamia attempts to reach the ship and help the crew, but comes under heavy attack from Imperial Alliance fighters.

Sfxbep03 "Find F-01" October 25, 1980 (JP)
November 6, 1982 (EN)

The Imperial Alliance lay siege to Earth Defense Forces, demanding the handover of the “F-Zero-One”. The crew of X-Bomber battle against time to repair their ship before Star Fleet Command is destroyed.

Sfxbep04 "Wipe Out the Transport Fleet" November 1, 1980 (JP)
November 13, 1982 (EN)

When transport cruisers mysteriously disappear en-route to rebuild Pluto Alpha Base, X-Bomber is assigned to defend the next convoy of ships.

Sfxbep05 "The Mysterious Ship, Skull" November 8, 1980 (JP)
November 20, 1982 (EN)

Shiro, Hercules and Lee search Pluto for the lost Captain Carter – their former tutor at the academy. Meanwhile, Lamia receives a summons from a mysterious sailing ship, “The Skull”.

Sfxbep06 "X-Bomber Goes Forth" November 15, 1980 (JP)
November 27, 1982 (EN)

X-Bomber’s new mission to seek out the Skull is put on hold when the Imperial Alliance renews their assault on Earth.

Sfxbep07 "Mortal Combat in the Gravity Graveyard" November 22, 1980 (JP)
December 4, 1982 (EN)

Trapped in a black hole and rapidly losing power, the crew of X-Bomber desperately fight a losing battle against Commander Makara’s forces.

Sfxbep08 "An Attack Beyond Tears" November 29, 1980 (JP)
December 11, 1982 (EN)

X-Bomber seeks shelter on the planet Aloria, unaware of its deadly secret.

Sfxbep09 "Target: the Captain" December 6, 1980 (JP)
December 18, 1982 (EN)

Commander Makara and Captain Orion are summoned back to their home world by the Imperial Master. Charged with their continuing failure to defeat X-Bomber and capture F-Zero-One, they face trial and execution.

Sfxbep10 "Galaxy Adrift" December 13, 1980 (JP)
January 8, 1983 (EN)

Responding to a summons from the Skull, the crew of X-Bomber find themselves trapped by a ruthless new Alliance Commander – one with a disconcertingly familiar voice.

Sfxbep11 "Farewell: the Eternal Battlefield" December 20, 1980 (JP)
January 15, 1983 (EN)

Shiro, Hercules and Lee investigate a distress call from a devastated planet of war, however their new enemy is not far behind.

Sfxbep12 "Our Mortal Enemy is Captain Carter" December 27, 1980 (JP)
January 22, 1983 (EN)

Enraged by Captain Carter’s latest attempt to destroy X-Bomber from within, Shiro faces his former mentor in a dual to the death.

Sfxbep13 "Battle to the Death: X-Bomber vs. the Imperial Alliance" January 3, 1981 (JP)
January 29, 1983 (EN)

Facing the dawn of a New Year (?) alone in deep space, Shiro, Hercules and Lee reminisce over the events of the war with the Imperial Alliance and the fate of Captain Carter.

Sfxbep14 "Lamia: Girl of Destiny" January 10, 1981 (JP)
February 5, 1983 (EN)

Lamia is summoned once again by the Skull, but wary of another Imperial Alliance trap, Dr. Benn refuses to let her go.

Sfxbep15 "X-Bomber: Death on Planet M" January 17, 1981 (JP)
February 12, 1983 (EN)

Lamia begins exhibiting supernatural powers and tries to convince the skeptical crew of X-Bomber that the Imperial Alliance has launched an all-out assault against them.

Sfxbep16 "Lamia Kidnapped" January 24, 1981 (JP)
February 19, 1983 (EN)

With X-Bomber badly damaged and the crew unconscious, Lamia fights to avoid capture by hordes of Imperial soldiers boarding the ship.

Sfxbep17 "Asleep in the Ice Prison" January 31, 1981 (JP)
February 26, 1983 (EN)

While the crew struggles to repair the stranded X-Bomber, Lamia learns of her heritage and the secret of F-Zero-One.

Sfxbep18 "Commander Makara's Promotion" February 7, 1981 (JP)
N/A (EN)

Returning to the Alliance Base, Makara and Orion are promoted and get drunk celebrating. Meanwhile Halley continues to try and contact Lamia, but the extreme cold of her prison is getting to her and her thoughts are becoming weaker.

Sfxbep19 "Destroy the Prison Planet" February 14, 1981 (JP)
March 5, 1983 (EN)

As time rapidly runs out for Lamia, the crew of X-Bomber and their new ally Captain Halley try desperately to trace her whereabouts.

Sfxbep20 "F-01 Assassination Plot" February 21, 1981 (JP)
March 12, 1983 (EN)

Commander Makara employs vicious new measures to destroy Lamia, with fatal consequences for one of the X-Bomber crew.

Sfxbep21 "M13: Full Frontal Attack Begins" February 28, 1981 (JP)
March 19, 1983 (EN)

Shiro meets a face from the past when X-Bomber lands on the planet Callinean. In the meantime, the Imperial Alliance prepare for an onslaught against the peace loving inhabitants of the planet.

Sfxbep22 "M13: A Battle with No Tomorrow" March 7, 1981 (JP)
March 26, 1983 (EN)

As war rages on the planet Callinean, the crew of Dai-X face their toughest battle yet – defending the Royal palace against the latest Alliance weapon.

Sfxbep23 "Board the Imperial Alliance Mothership" March 14, 1981 (JP)
April 2, 1983 (EN)

Learning of the Imperial Master’s plan to assault the Earth, the crew of X-Bomber begins a hurried journey back home. However a defeated Commander Makara and Captain Orion are not far behind and will do anything to regain their honor.

Sfxbep24 "The End of Earth" March 21, 1981 (JP)
April 9, 1983 (EN)

Despite the Imperial Master’s attempts to stop them, X-Bomber continues on its journey back to Earth.

Sfxbep25 "A New Beginning for the Galaxy" March 28, 1981 (JP)
April 16, 1983 (EN)

At the dawn of the year 3000, the crew of X-Bomber face the final battle against the Imperial Master, and learn the power of F-Zero-One.

Season One

the * symbol on Episode 18 denotes Episode excluded from English run, due to redundancy of being a third flashback episode.

Compilation FilmsEdit

In the UK, two compilation 'movies' were released to home video. That meaning, instead of being actual films, they are compiled from various episodes to make one title. The editing on these is very poor and generally the episodes used create a very inconsistent all over the place plot. The movies were originally released in 1983 by Thorn EMI on VHS and Betamax and rereleased in 1987 by Master Vision.

Film # Title Compilation Year
1 The Thalian Space Wars Episodes 1, 6, 7, 8, 11, 4 1983
2 Space Quest for F-01 Episodes 2, 3, 14, 16, 20, 21, 22, 24, 25 1983

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