Find F-01
Directed by

Michio Mikami

Produced by

Kimio Ikeda

Written by

Go Nagai

Air Date (JP)

October 25, 1980

Air Date (UK)

November 6, 1982

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Find F-01 (F-01を探し出せ! F-01 o sagashidase!) is the third episode of Star Fleet. It aired on October 25, 1980 on Fuji TV in Japan, and November 6, 1982 on ITV in the UK.

Plot SummaryEdit

XBomberCrewpatch Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

The Imperial Battlecruiser hovers over Star Fleet Command while EDF has one hour to find out what F-01 is. Meanwhile back on the grounded X-Bomber, Dr. Benn thanks Lamia for her help, but tells her she should return to Moonbase before the fighting starts again. He says it's bad enough that he has to risk the lives of his pilots without putting her in danger too. Lamia defies his order and decides to stay and help fix the engine room.

Shiro, Hercules and Lee try to complete the final repairs on the X-Bomber's engine room, as they all guess what F-01 is. Only Shiro guesses that F-01 could be a person (a little too accurately), possibly an alien with ESP control of the solar system -- which could do terrible things in the wrong hands. Lamia leaves the engine room on hearing this and Shiro then snoops on her and Dr. Benn on the bridge.

There, she tells Dr. Benn she has a feeling that F-01 might be her. Dr. Benn recounts Lamia's origins to her, based on what Shiro's Father, Professor Hagen told her. Years ago while he was working at the Mars institute, Professor Hagen saw a capsule come down and investigated, finding the infant Lamia wearing a pendant and Kirara guarding her. The professor sensed that Lamia had heightened awareness that was probably ESP, so decided to raise her as if she were his own daughter and named her Lamia.

As Shiro eavesdrops on the conversation he realizes that Lamia is an alien, suddenly Kirara appears from behind the door Shiro is leaning against and grabs him and throwing him onto the bridge. Dr. Benn asks Shiro to keep what he has heard a secret for Lamia's sake, to which he agrees.

Meanwhile, back at Star Fleet Command, EDF Computers come back negative with any sort of information concerning F-01. EDF goes to Red Alert so that when Makara attacks they are ready to retaliate. After pleading from Officer Number 2, Makara gives Kyle an additional 10 minutes to search for information.

Star Fleet Command contacts X-Bomber. Only X-Impulse can hit the cruiser from the Moon, but that will cause collateral damage to EDF forces and the Earth. As Command readies their missiles, Captain Orion takes out the laser missile batteries as they lock onto Makara's ship before they're able to fire. General Kyle orders Star Fleet Command evacuated.

Whilst on the Moon Lamia tries to use her ESP to reach out to Professor Hagen. Elsewhere on the craft Dr. Benn tells the three pilots that using X Impulse will consume 90% of Quantum Power in from the main shield, meaning if their plan fails the ship will be vulnerable to attack. Lamia interrupts Benn and Kyle's final transmission and broadcasts to Makara directly, telling her she's the F-01 before Shiro can intervene.

Makara receives the message and believes her claim, though Captain Orion is skeptical, believing it a trap by General Kyle to save Star Fleet Command, but Makara overrules him and changes her ships course hyperspeed towards the Moon. Kyle doesn't understand why she's withdrawn her attack.

Dr. Benn waits for the enemy ship to come closer before executing X-Bomber to take off, relying on the element of surprise to catch Makara unaware. Lamia suddenly runs off as they wait, and plans to give herself up to Makara in order to save everyone. Shiro chases after her into an airlock and manages to reason with Lamia, telling her she can't be F-01, and no what she is part of Star Fleet now.

The enemy ship is finally close enough for X-Bomber to take off, and they heads towards the ship. Orion is confused, thinking that X-Bomber was out for the count, and Makara believes they've been tricked. X-Impulse fires successfully, causing Makara's ship to suffer multiple explosions and damaging it. X-Bomber had to pull hard up to avoid collision with Makara's smoking battlecruiser. Makara swears that they have not heard the last of her.


  • Commander Makara - "They've tricked us again! I'll see that they pay for their lives!"
  • Dr. Benn - "Now, Shiro! Activate!"
  • Commander Makara - "What is that?! Evasive manoeuvres!"
  • PPA - "Ha, ha, ha, ha! We hit it! Good shooting!"
  • Commander Makara - "Retreat! Retreat! Very well, Star Fleet Command, you may have beaten us this time! Strengthen your weak, pathetic defence bases, because we shall return!"
  • Narrator - "Earth has survived the initial Imperial assault, but Commander Makara has threatened to return. The mystery of the identity of F-01 has still not been solved. Can Star Fleet Command resist a second attack?"

Voice CastEdit

Main CastEdit

Character Japanese Voice English Voice French Voice
Dr. Benn Mikio Terashima Peter Marinker Robert Bazil
Shiro Hagen Toshio Furukawa Jay Benedict Éric Legrand
Barry Hercules Shigeru Chiba Constantine Gregory Michel Elias
John Lee Naoki Tatsuta Mark Rolston Frédéric Pieretti
Lamia Mami Koyama Liza Ross Pascale Reynaud
PPA Yūji Mitsuya John Baddeley Michel Elias
General Kyle Hidekatsu Shibata Kevin Brennan André Valmy
Number One Hideyuki Tanaka Mark Rolston Michel Elias
Number Two Masaharu Satō John Baddeley Christian Alers
Commander Makara Rihoko Yoshida Denise Bryer Annie Balestra
Captain Orion Reizō Nomoto Sean Barrett Christian Alers
Narrator Yuzuru Fujimoto Peter Marinker Michel Elias

Secondary CastEdit

Character Japanese Voice English Voice French Voice
Termoids Masaharu Satō John Baddeley Frédéric Pieretti
Communications Officer Naoki Tatsuta Mark Rolston
Commander Vargas Banjō Ginga Constantine Gregory Michel Elias
Data Centre Controller Masaharu Satō Frédéric Pieretti

Equipment UsedEdit

Earth Defence ForcesEdit

Imperial AllianceEdit

  • Imperial Battle Cruiser


  • Lamia and Kirara's Spacecraft (flashback)


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