General Kyle
Full Name General Kyle (EN)
General Kuroda (JP)
Homeworld Earth
Gender Male
Age 60
Status Alive
Hair Color White
Eye Color Blue
Affiliation(s) Earth Defence Forces
First Appearance Scramble X-Bomber
Last Appearance A New Beginning for the Galaxy
Voice Actor(s) JP: Hidekatsu Shibata
EN: Kevin Brennan

General Kyle (General Kuroda ジェネラル黒田) is the commanding officer of Earth Defence Forces. With his snow-white beard and hair, General Kyle represents an imposing figure.


A long term friend of Dr. Benn Robinson and Professor Hagen, he approved the X-Project as soon as Professor Hagen proposed it. He provided the research laboratory on Moonbase and had X-Bomber built.

Realizing that mankind's only hope is the top secret "X Project", General Kyle orders the unfinished X-Bomber project be launched. It was he who selected Shiro Hagen, Barry Hercules and John Lee as crew.

Though clearly out of his depth facing the might of the Alliance and their puzzling demands to hand over F-01, Kyle retains a strong sense of responsibility for the forces and never concedes points during negotiations, although he knows when to put the safety of his people first. With nerves of steel, General Kyle only ever shows the Alliance stout defiance, despite frequently having his fighters and installations blown up all around him.


Voice ActorsEdit


  • As General Kyle is stationed on Earth at Star Fleet Command, he is one of the main characters who appears least in the series, toward the beginning and the end.
  • Kyle has two advisors at Star Fleet HQ: the youthful ginger-haired Number One and the elderly bald Number Two.
  • He shares many similar traits with Colonel White from Gerry Anderson's Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, apart from their snow-white hair, General Kyle faces the Alliance threat much in the way that Colonel White does the Mysteron threat.
  • He is named Général Christophe in the French Version.
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