Full Name Kirara
Homeworld Esper
Gender Male
Status Unknown
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Yellow
Affiliation(s) Lamia
Earth Defence Forces
Known Relatives Lamia (owner)
First Appearance Scramble X-Bomber
Last Appearance A New Beginning for the Galaxy
Voice Actor(s) JP: Banjō Ginga
EN: Constantine Gregory

Kirara (キララ) is the alien guardian of Lamia, who was present in the capsule with her when she was discovered by Professor Hagen on Mars.


A pet monster from Planet Esper, he stowed away on Lamia’s spaceship and ever since has been watching over her as she grows up. Although unable to speak, Kirara has guarded Lamia devotedly since her birth, being first her nursemaid and then her bodyguard, and will allow no one to harm her.

Sometimes, Kirara goes a little far in refusing to allow any friendly contact between his mistress and the crew of the X-Bomber, particularly Shiro, but they all know and respect the extent of his devotion, and know just where to draw the line.

He has a strong sense of duty and responsibility and is always on Lamia’s side. Usually placid, once angered he fights with a superhuman strength, and is difficult to subdue. He does not speak and expresses his feelings with growls and gestures.

When Lamia runs away or is kidnapped, Kirara is usually in a misery-induced violent rage, such is his devotion to and love of Lamia.

During the final battle with The Imperial Master, Kirara helps man the turret guns on The Skull against the Imperial Alliance Fighters. During this, he is shot by laser fire and sent adrift in space. Although one of the Skull's crewmembers decrees that Kirara is dead, it cannot be said for sure, as Kirara has proven before to be able to survive laser fire and thrive in oxygen-devoid atmospheres.


Voice ActorsEdit


  • He was named Raspoutnik in the French Dub