X-Bomber Suite

Bow Wow




SMS Records
3D Japan


November 21st, 1980 (LP)
January 10, 2010 (CD)


44 minutes



X-Bomber Suite (組曲Xボンバー Kumikyoku X-Bomber) is a Japanese EP Album released by Sounds Marketing System Records on November 21, 1980. The release consists of music performed by Bow Wow for the Soundtrack of X-Bomber, released under Bow Wow's E-Project. It was released on CD and for iTunes on January 10, 2010 by 3D Japan

The audio of the music is in its originally recorded stereo output (the series was produced with mono audio). Despite consisting of Bow-Wow's recordings, the album is not a complete soundtrack (many of the music pieces in the album were not used at all within the series' course). Bow Wow composed only a portion of the music for X-Bomber, the other and more common pieces of music used in the series were composed by Kazutaka Tazaki and Nakayuki Sakuraba. These have never been released in any form.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Soldier in the Space (ソルジャー・イン・ザ・スペース)
  2. Mystery of the Universe (宇宙の神秘 Uchuu No Shinpi)
  3. Conspiracy of the Gelma Empire (ゲルマ帝国の陰謀 Gerumateikoku No Inbou)
  4. Gelma Battleship Appears (ゲルマ戦艦あらわる Gerumasenkan Arawaru)
  5. The Finished Battle (戦い終わって Tatakai Owatsute)
  6. Intercept (迎撃 Geigeki)
  7. Defeat (敗北 Haiboku)
  8. X-Bomber Start (Xボンバー発進 X-Bomber Hasshin)
  9. Shiro & Lamia (ラミアとシロー Ramia To Shiro)
  10. Spacecraft of Mystery (謎の宇宙船 Nazo No Uchuu-Sen)
  11. Shiro, Lee & Hercules Dispatch (シロー、リー、ヘラクレスの出動 Shiro Lee Helakuresu No Shutsudou)
  12. Fierce Battle (激戦 Gekisen)
  13. Woe (悲痛 Hitsu)
  14. Determination (決意 Ketsui)
  15. The Final Battle (最後の戦い Saigo No Tatakai)
  16. Lamia's Ascension (ラミア昇天 Ramia Shouten)
  17. The Drifting Galaxy (銀河漂流 Ginnga Hiyouryu)


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