Kyoji Yamamoto
Born (1956-03-23) March 23, 1956 (age 62) in Matsue, Shimane, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Musician,
Instruments Guitar, Vocals
Years Active 1972-present
Children Maoki Yamamato
Associated Acts Bow Wow
Wild Flag
Mari Hamada
Munetaka Higuchi

Kyoji Yamamato (山本 恭司 Yamamoto Kyōji, born March 23, 1956 in Matsue, Shimane, Japan) is a Japanese musician, singer-songwriter and record producer who is the leader of the hard rock/metal bands Bow Wow (known as Vow Wow for a period of time) and Wild Flag.

He is known for his skillful guitar playing, and was one of the first hard rock guitarists to use the tapping technique.

After entering Yamaha Music School, Kyoji formed Bow Wow in 1975 and they released their debut album a year later. The following year they opened for Aerosmith and KISS. In 1984, with the addition of two new members, the group renamed themselves Vow Wow and moved to England in 1987 before disbanding in 1990. Kyoji reformed Bow Wow with all new members in 1995, however original members Mitsuhiro Saito and Toshihiro Niimi rejoined him in 1998, becoming a trio.

Kyoji and Bow-Wow composed music for X-Bomber in 1980. Yamamato composed the opening theme Soldier in the Space, along with the ending theme Galaxy Drifting. Much of the music composed by them for the show were released in 1980 in an EP named Kumikyoku X Bomber.

Kyoji began a solo career in 1980, and has appeared as a special guest performer for numerous musicians. In 1986 he was asked by producer Wilfried F. Rimensberger to participate in the super-group Phenomena, playing on their second album. A notable connection being that Brian May of Queen, was also a member. May wrote Star Fleet Project.

Kyoji has been married for 26 years and has a son, Maoki, who is also a musician.

Solo DiscographyEdit

  • Horizon (1980)
  • Guitar Man (1982)
  • Electric Cinema (1982)
  • Mind Arc (1998)
  • Reqium (1999)
  • Time (2005)
  • The Life Album (2010)
  • Voyager: The Essential Kyoji Yamamoto (2010)

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