Full Name Lamia Pizarees
Homeworld Esper
Gender Female
Age 16
Status Alive (as F-01)
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Blue
Affiliation(s) Earth Defence Forces
The Skull
Known Relatives Professor Hagen (adoptive father)
Shiro Hagen (adopted brother)
Dr. Benn (surrogate father)
First Appearance Scramble X-Bomber
Last Appearance A New Beginning for the Galaxy
Voice Actor(s) JP: Mami Koyama
EN: Liza Ross

Princess Lamia Pizarees (ラミア) is a mysterious and beautiful girl, an assistant to Dr. Benn and member of Moonbase's radar team.

Kind hearted, with an affinity with all living things, she also has a cold, distant side that reflects her mysterious origins. It soon becomes clear that Lamia is far more close to F-01 and important to the Imperial Alliance than her role first suggests.


Lamia is the sole survivor of the Pizarees Royal Family from the Planet Esper. Upon her birth, a mystic foretold that Lamia would inherit great powers with the coming of the new millenium in 3000 A.D. - powers capable of bringing peace or domination to the entire galaxy. Learning of this, the Imperial Alliance attacked the Planet Esper, but Esperian elders escaped with the infant Lamia in one of their intergalactic sailing ships (presumably The Skull).

Knowing of the good reputation of the Mars Institute scientists, they jettisoned her in a capsule over Mars. Lamia and her pet guard Kirara was discovered by Professor Hagen when he went out to investigate, whereas all other members of Mars Institute were reluctant to do so.

Lamia was raised in secrecy by the Professor, while his biological son Shiro lived on Earth, thus the latter knew nothing of this. After Professor Hagen’s mysterious disappearance, Lamia was brought up by his good friend Dr. Benn Robinson, later becoming his secretary.

Some 20 years later, when the Alliance return and search for an entity known as the F-01, Lamia leaps to the large conclusion that it is her, due to her mysterious origins. This soon becomes abundantly clear to Commander Makara when the intergalactic sailing ship, The Skull, emerges from space and makes contact with her. In order to try and discover her true identity, she joins the crew of X-Bomber as their 'morale' officer.

Pure of heart with a passionate dislike of war and conflict, she hopes that by fighting with the X-Bomber team, she can help bring an end to the fighting. Despite the rivalry of Shiro and Hercules, Lamia never treats either of them any differently from the other, and is always warm and affectionate to everyone. At times she shows great strength; giving the other members of the crew a boost to their morale should they be facing a particularly hazardous mission.

Generally rather wet in character, (perhaps only being surpassed by Princess Keeli) Lamia is a very complex character; she tries to sacrifice herself to save her friends from harm on a number of occasions but is also willing to fight even when odds are against her. The crew of X-Bomber lay down their lives to protect Lamia when it becomes clear that she is F-01. She shares her affections for Shiro, although unfortunately due to her being F-01 this relationship would not blossom.

As the year 3000 draws near, Makara and the Alliance become desperate to utilize her powers for evil, even to the point that she attempts to kill Lamia, as if her powers come to use for good, the Alliance will fail.

With the alignment of the planets on New Years of 3000, Lamia merges with The Skull and her captain, Captain Halley forming the triad of F-01. The power of F-01 being the only thing powerful enough to stop the Imperial Master's assault on Earth, Lamia confronts him and demands cease his attack. Naturally ignoring her, the Master attempts to destroy her, to no avail; the Master and the Imperial Fortress are destroyed. She thanks Shiro, Hercules, Lee, Professor Hagen and P.P.A for being there for her, and despite wanting to stay, it is now her responsibility to protect the peace of the universe.


Voice ActorsEdit


  • Garrick Hagon's role as Ky in the 1972 Doctor Who serial The Mutants is notably very similar to Lamia's role in Star Fleet. Ky goes through a transformation into a radiant angel-like super-being, similar to Lamia's to F-01. This is notable in that Lamia's voice actress, Liza Ross, is the wife of Hagon.
  • Lamia's appearance and role in the series seems very much to be inspired by Princess Leia from the Star Wars movies. Original concept art for Lamia, in fact, depicted her with a hairstyle very similar to Leia's bun-styled hair.
  • Lamia's age is suggested to be 16 by various Japanese material, though she appears to be older. Some have suggested this age to go by Esperian years (if any different from Earth's). If by Earth's standards, Lamia was born in 2983.
  • In the French version, Lamia is called Floriane.
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