Lamia Kidnapped
Directed by

Michio Mikami

Produced by

Kimio Ikeda

Written by

Go Nagai

Air Date (JP)

January 24, 1981

Air Date (UK)

February 19, 1983

Previous episode

Death on Planet M

Next episode

Asleep in the Ice

Lamia Kidnapped (連れ去られたラミア tsuresarareta ramia) is the sixteenth episode of Star Fleet. It aired on January 24, 1981 on Fuji TV in Japan, and February 19, 1983 on ITV in the UK.

Plot SummaryEdit

XBomberCrewpatch Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Imperial Soldiers board X-Bomber after cutting their way in from below as the crew start wake up. Lamia manages to hold her own, opening fire on the soldiers. Kirara is hit, but the Termoids are mown down by Shiro and Hercules. A second set of Soldiers jump Lamia, but Kirara strikes them from behind. In sick bay, Lee and Dr. Benn are cornered by three soldiers. P.P.A. opens laser fire and takes out two of them, but gets shot down by the other. Lee opens fire and takes out the last one.

Lamia is captured trying to escape as Shiro and Hercules cover her, and Kirara is shot trying to protect her. The Termoids use a grenade to cover their escape with their prisoner. Shiro and Hercules eliminate the rest of the Termoids, who've pinned down Lee and Dr. Benn.

Lamia is taken to the Battlecruiser where Commander Makara has her imprisoned. Makara's Battleship leaves, scattering mines into orbit behind it. Back on X-Bomber, the crew manage to repair the ship, as Captain Halley contacts them wishing to meet with them on the Planet Morphane.

Captain Halley relates the story of F-01, confirming that Lamia is indeed the F-01 that the Alliance seeks. He explains that Lamia is the princess of the Planet Esper, a planet of mystics. A soothsayer predicted that the infant Lamia would one day become a being of immense power able to dominate a universe in the year 3000. Learning of this, the Imperial Alliance attack and demolish the planet, but the elders along with Lamia flee in The Skull. They send Lamia to Mars, trusting in the compassion of the humans living there would take care of her.

Dr. Benn introduces Halley to Shiro as the son of Professor Hagen, who found Lamia on Mars. Halley is unable to join their fight against the Alliance, as he cannot expose the peaceful protectors in the Callusian Star Cluster to the Alliance, as well as explaining that he and Lamia are "to become one" so he can guide her. Taking this the wrong way, Shiro becomes very disgusted and distrustful of Halley.

Halley explains how Lamia's pendant has awoken some of her powers, thus Halley is now able to communicate with her telepathically. He is able to communicate with her and she is able to give him the location before the Alliance blocks her ability. Makara orders Lamia strapped to the laser memory dissimulator to contain her powers. Captain Halley gives X-Bomber her location as being in the rainbow colored Aurelian Star Cluster.

The Skull takes off, leaving the search for Lamia to X-Bomber. Lee and Hercules tease Shiro during takeoff procedures about his feelings for Lamia whilst P.P.A. consoles the grieving Kirara. X-Bomber takes off from Morphane, but finds itself obstructed by the minefield laid by Makara. In spite of Shiro's swift maneuvering and Hercules' use of laser torpedoes to clear some of them, enough mines impact X-Bomber to force it crash land on Morphane.

Voice CastEdit

Main CastEdit

Character Japanese Voice English Voice French Voice
Dr. Benn Mikio Terashima Peter Marinker Robert Bazil
Shiro Hagen Toshio Furukawa Jay Benedict Éric Legrand
Barry Hercules Shigeru Chiba Constantine Gregory Marc François
John Lee Naoki Tatsuta Mark Rolston Frédéric Pieretti
Lamia Mami Koyama Liza Ross Aurélia Bruno
PPA Yūji Mitsuya John Baddeley Marc François
Captain Halley Katsuji Mori Garrick Hagon
Commander Makara Rihoko Yoshida Denise Bryer Annie Balestra
Captain Orion Reizō Nomoto Sean Barrett Christian Alers
Narrator Yuzuru Fujimoto Peter Marinker Marc François

Secondary CastEdit

Character Japanese Voice English Voice French Voice
Termoids Masaharu Satō Jacob Witkin Henry Djanik
Marc François

Equipment UsedEdit

Earth Defence ForcesEdit

Imperial AllianceEdit

  • Imperial Battlecruiser
  • Imperial Carrier Craft



  • Stock footage from X-Bomber Goes Forth is used.
  • Lamia's gun battle against the Termoid soldiers is very similar to the gunfight between Princess Leia and the Imperial Guards in Star Wars: A New Hope.
  • The opening scenes recapping the events where the previous episode left off uses re-dubbed dialogue and sound effects rather than reusing the original.
  • The ending sequence with X-Bomber encountering the minefields were cut from the US VHS Lost in Space. The next episode then begins with the completion of repairs on the damage caused by the mines, rather than the damage caused by the attack that led to Lamia's kidnap as the tape suggests.
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