Louis Elman
Nationality English
Occupation Dubbing Specialist
Voice Director
Years Active 1971-present
Awards International Emmy

Louis Elman is an ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) Specialist and Director at Leah Associates. Elman is an experienced director and producer of lip sync dubbing and has also acted as a consultant all around the world. Louis received an International Emmy award for producing the English lip sync version of the feature film and TV series of Wolfgang Petersen’s "Das Boot". Elman was the director of the English dub of Star Fleet.

In 1981, Elman was given the task at hand of dubbing X-Bomber (as it was originally called) into English, with the greater fortune of not having the TV Company interfere with the greater task. Elman assembled the English cast as well as commissioning American writer Michael Sloan to adapt the dialogue for the English screen. Louis Elman by Episode 19 had to focus on other productions, and handed over the voice direction to [[Peter Marinker] ]but kept a close eye on the remaining episodes .Elman was featured on the Making of Star Fleet Documentary on the 2009 DVD release.

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