Peter Marinker
Born (1941-07-26) July 26, 1941 (age 79)
Nationality Canadian
Occupation Actor, Voice Actor,
Years Active 1967-present

Peter Marinker (born July 26, 1941 [citation needed]) is a Canadian voice and stage actor who has worked extensively in England, the United States, and Canada, in all media. He is known for playing very stern and commanding characters such as Kiichi Goto in Patlabor, General Gerhard Donner in Venus Wars and Dr. Ichihara in Angel Cop. Outside of voice acting he has appeared in several films such as Event Horizon and Judge Dredd. He also does audio book recordings. He currently resides in the UK.

In Star Fleet, Marinker is the distinctive voice of Dr. Benn. Marinker was one of the first considerations by Louis Elman for the English dub of the series. Due to Elman having to move on to other projects, Marinker primarily took up the role as dubbing director for the last episodes of the series, starting with Episode 19. Had the series continued, Marinker would have written the outline for the second series. Marinker attributed to the “Making of Documentary” in the 2009 DVD set.


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