Professor Hagen
Full Name Professor Saburo Hagen (EN)
Professor Saburo Ginga (JP)
Homeworld Earth
Gender Male
Age 40-50
Status Alive
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Hazel
Affiliation(s) Earth Defence Forces
Known Relatives Shiro Hagen (son)
Lamia (adopted daughter)
First Appearance M13: Full Frontal Attack Begins
Last Appearance A New Beginning for the Galaxy
Voice Actor(s) JP: Mikio Terashima
EN: Al Matthews

Professor Saburo Hagen (Professor Ginga 銀河三郎博士) is a renowned scientist and the father of Shiro Hagen and the adoptive father of Lamia after discovering her on Mars.

Professor Hagen was the designer of X-Bomber before he vanished without a trace to the Planet Callinean.


Although a staunch believer in science, Professor Hagen knows that science alone cannot resolve everything. Professor Hagen, deeply devoted to his work, was very distant from his family and rarely, if ever saw his son Shiro.

Professor Hagen, with premonition of a severe attack on Earth, proposed X-Project in order to defensively prepare for attacks from outer space. The X-Project was designed by Professor Hagen and Dr. Benn Robinson. General Kyle approved it as soon as it was proposed to him.

Around the time of completion of X-Project's basic development, while working at the EDF's Mars Institute, Hagen saw a spaceship crash-land amid a meteor shower. Inside it he found a capsule containing a baby girl wearing a glowing blue pendant with a creature, Kirara, protecting it. Adopting the child, whom he named Lamia, Hagen raised her in secrecy.

Years later he mysteriously disappeared, leaving X-Bomber unfinished. Both X-Project and Lamia were left in the care of his good friend Dr. Benn.

As it turns out, he'd set out on the same mission as X-Bomber - to discover Lamia's true heritage. When his ship ran into difficulty he was rescued by Captain Halley in The Skull and taken to Callinean where he's stayed hidden ever since having discovered the truth about Lamia, possibly to stay protected from the Alliance.

He hasn't been idle though; ever the inventor, he's built a massive cannon to defend Callinean from the Alliance. Though the peaceful King and Queen refuse to use it for even defensive means, though eventually face that in order to save lives, sometimes defensive violence is necessary.

Once the Alliance are driven off Callinean, he joins the X-Bomber in place of Dr. Benn and does his best to comfort Lamia as she transforms into F-01.



Voice ActorsEdit


  • He is named Professor Sebastian Ginga in the French Dub.
  • Dr. Benn's voice actor, Mikio Terashima, takes up the role of the Professor after Dr. Benn's death.