Reizō Nomoto
Reizo Nomoto
Full Name Reijiro Nomoto
Born September 17, 1930
Tokyo, Japan
Died July 7, 2006 (age 75)
Tokyo, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Actor
Voice Actor
Years Active 1965-2006

Reizō Nomoto (野本礼三 Nomoto Reizo, September 17, 1930 – July 7, 2006) was a Japanese voice actor from Tokyo, Japan. He was the voice of Kozlo in the original Japanese version of X-Bomber. He was attached to Arts Vision at the time of his death.

Nomoto is perhaps best known for his roles as Rou Dai Kaioshin in Dragon Ball and as Mushizou in Ninja Scroll.

His birth name was Reijiro Nomoto (野本礼次郎 Nomoto Reijiro). On July 7, 2006, Nomoto vomited blood at his home and died during transport to hospital. The exact cause of his death is unknown.


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