Shiro Hagen
Full Name Shiro Hagen (EN)
Shiro Ginga (JP)
Homeworld Earth
Gender Male
Age 18-20
Status Alive
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Affiliation(s) Earth Defence Forces
Known Relatives Professor Hagen (father)
Lamia (adopted sister)
First Appearance Scramble X-Bomber
Last Appearance A New Beginning for the Galaxy
Voice Actor(s) JP: Toshio Furukawa
EN: Jay Benedict

Shiro Hagen (Shiro Ginga 銀河 シロー) is the brave but impetuous leader of the X-Bomber crew, and son of Professor Saburo Hagen, creator of the X-Project program. Shiro is the pilot and tactics officer of X-Bomber, as well as heading BrainCom in Dai-X.

Although it can't fairly be said that Star Fleet centers around Shiro, many events within the series are seen from his perspective, or with him in a leadership role.


Shiro spent most of his childhood in training on Earth, him being seemingly estranged from his father, while he worked on Moonbase. The circumstances behind Shiro's estrangement are unclear - he was either orphaned as a child or lived with his mother on Earth. Shiro would much rather separate himself from his father's achievements, wishing to be known for his deeds.

He enrolled in the Star Fleet Training program, where he learned to fly via the use of flight simulators, also becoming an excellent shot using the various target practice scenarios, and by listening to the advice of his instructor, Captain Carter. He was fresh from Training when called to duty to be one of the pilots of X-Bomber to spearhead the fight against the Imperial Alliance. While not exclusively the reason, his selection was likely partly due to him being the son of the designer.

His primary duty is being in charge of the X-Bomber's power systems, but he occasionally acts as the main pilot. As leader of the X-Bomber crew, Shiro has a great number of responsibilities. He is in charge of the tactics and piloting of X-Bomber, and is a superb marksman. He is the main pilot of the Dai-X component, BrainCom (which forms the Dai-X's head in combined form, from where he controls power systems).

Shiro is infatuated with Lamia, but is too shy to reveal his feelings. Even so, this hasn't gone unnoticed by the rest of the crew, and is even teased about it, much to his frustration. He is hostile to Halley because of his infatuation of Lamia, and because they are "to become one" on New Years, something Shiro didn't know would end up becoming literal through the power of F-01. Though it was found the Lamia feels the same in Episode 21, the two could never be together in the end.

Shiro has a fierce determination against the Imperial Alliance's treachery, only pushed further by them taking control of his mentor Captain Carter and the death of Dr. Benn. Despite being quite level-headed, Shiro leads with his heart and doesn't always think things through. Because of this others have been injured on the journey, including battling the now-evil Captain Carter in one-on-one combat in BrainCom and escorting Lamia to the Skull against Dr Benn's orders.


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  • Shiro's name is mispronounced in the English dub; it is correctly pronounced "She-ro", but is mispronounced as "Shy-ro".
  • Shiro's last name in the English dub may be an allusion to Captain Carter's voice actor, Garrick Hagon.
  • The fact that Shiro and Lamia are technically adopted brother and sister (Lamia being found on Mars and raised by Professor Hagen) doesn't seem to deter Shiro.
  • Shiro is never seen without his helmet on, being even seen sleeping with it on. The closest is when he's seen in his spacesuit, where it is apparent he isn't wearing it, since his hair is more visible.
  • Shiro's name in Japanese, Shiro Ginga, is an allusion; his name in Japanese roughly translates to "White Galaxy".
  • Shiro's is named Cyril in the French Dub and Sharif in the Arabic Dub.
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