Super Powerful
Imperial Alliance Fleet
Directed by

Michio Mikami

Produced by

Kimio Ikeda

Written by

Go Nagai

Air Date (JP)

October 18, 1980

Air Date (UK)

October 30, 1982

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Scramble X-Bomber

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Find F-01

Super Powerful Imperial Alliance Fleet, originally tilted in Japan as The Gelma Fleet's Surprise Attack (奇襲ゲルマ艦隊! kishū geruma kantai!) is the second episode of Star Fleet. It aired on October 18, 1980 on Fuji TV in Japan, and October 30, 1982 on ITV in the UK.

Plot SummaryEdit

XBomberCrewpatch Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Captain Orion is pleased that his Alliance forces were able to cripple the X-Bomber, and orders the fleet to head toward and attack Earth, but is interrupted by Makara. She reminds them of their real objective, to find the F-01 and that must learn its exact location before risking destroying it on Earth.

Meanwhile, Star Fleet Command is unable to contact X-Bomber as the crew are all knocked out. The Officers hold out little hope, but General Kyle is hopeful they are not dead. As well, it is discovered that Captain Carter is missing during rebuilding of Pluto Base following the attack, and is presumed dead. However, during this time we find that Carter is taken hostage by Makara, and is being interrogated by her regarding information on the F-01, which he has none. Makara is unable to accept that and uses the Laser Memory Dissimulator to confirm this, going to near lethal levels for Carter.

Back at Moonbase, Lamia is deeply concerned about the crew of X-Bomber, being unable to get any contact. Despite warnings from Moonbase, Lamia takes a buggy out and drives to the grounded ship. The Alliance spot her and Orion orders the fighters to fire at her. Shiro awakes on X-Bomber as he notices Lamia's buggy being attacked. He wakes up John Lee to revive the rest of the crew while Hercules and him give covering fire for Lamia, until she is able to reach the ship.

The grounded X-Bomber is under attack again and start a fire in the engine room and PPA is sent to extinguish the fire. Dr. Benn realizes the only solution is to use a concentrated blast from the X-Bomber's neck cannons, using the front descent engine to position X-Bomber accordingly. The neck lasers fire and 2 Imperial Carriers are taken out. The remainder take evasive action, with all but Orion's ending up being destroyed. Makara scolds Orion for retreating.

Ocean Fleet has reached Pluto Base, but the crew of X-Bomber needs to fully repair the craft. General Kyle and Dr. Benn speak over the communication system, and Kyle expects a second attack on Pluto Base and will try to buy X-Bomber some time to get the craft repaired.

On board the Imperial cruiser, Makara orders FG Operation to be launched, and holographic fighters are projected to lure Ocean Fleet away. This is successful, and Ocean fleet engage the phantom enemies. They are surprised when their weapon fire passes straight through them. Makara's ship moves toward Earth, whilst X-Bomber is still stuck on the Moon. General Kyle contacts Dr. Benn, but unfortunately Dr. Benn says they need at least 30 more hours to repair the craft. Unfortunately no more time can be bought.

Commander Makara's Cruiser closes in on Earth and she appears on the EDF communication screen and makes her demands. The Imperial Alliance control the entire galaxy except their solar system, they come in peace - they have no intention on destroying the Earth, they only seek the F-01. Give it to them and they will leave Earth alone forever. Star Fleet Command has no idea what F-01 is and have never heard of it. Makara gives them one hour to hand over to comply with her demand or else she will destroy Star Fleet Command.


  • Commander Makara - "So, he managed to resist! But he still might be of use to us. Treat him so that he does not die."
  • Moonbase Radio Operator - "This is Moonbase! Lamia, come back! It's too dangerous! This is Moonbase! Come back, Lamia! Lamia! Can you hear us? This is Moonbase! The enemy ship is watching you! It's directly above X-Bomber! It's too dangerous! Come back!"
  • Captain Orion - "Look out! What's that? It's coming for us! Evasive action! Retreat! Turn around! Hard-a-starboard!"
  • Barry Hercules - "So long, boys - thanks for the target practice."
  • Commander Makara - "Orion! You have failed both me and the alliance! An Imperial Battlecruiser never retreats! Return at once with your report of Earth's defence!"
  • Captain Orion - "By your divine guidance."
  • Shiro Hagen - "Come on! This is no time to sleep, you rusting pile of circuits!"
  • PPA - "As a senior officer, I demand respect!"
  • Ocean Fleet Leader - "There they are, boys! 150 millitons dead ahead! Let's give them a welcome, shall we?!"
  • Commander Makara - "The fools - no brains! Who would have believed they'd be so easily tricked?"
  • 1st Communications Officer - "Course, 1,000 millitons from Earth. Approaching hyper-speed."
  • General Kyle - “You shall not dictate to me!”
  • Commander Makara - “You are arrogant and pathetic!”

Voice CastEdit

Main CastEdit

Character Japanese Voice English Voice French Voice
Dr. Benn Mikio Terashima Peter Marinker Robert Bazil
Shiro Hagen Toshio Furukawa Jay Benedict Éric Legrand
Barry Hercules Shigeru Chiba Constantine Gregory Michel Elias
John Lee Naoki Tatsuta Mark Rolston Frédéric Pieretti
Lamia Mami Koyama Liza Ross Pascale Reynaud
PPA Yūji Mitsuya John Baddeley Michel Elias
General Kyle Hidekatsu Shibata Kevin Brennan André Valmy
Captain Carter Norio Wakamoto N/A Frédéric Pieretti
Number One Hideyuki Tanaka Mark Rolston Michel Elias
Number Two Masaharu Satō John Baddeley Christian Alers
Commander Makara Rihoko Yoshida Denise Bryer Annie Balestra
Captain Orion Reizō Nomoto Sean Barrett Christian Alers
Narrator Yuzuru Fujimoto Peter Marinker Michel Elias

Secondary CastEdit

Character Japanese Voice English Voice French Voice
Termoids Masaharu Satō John Baddeley Frédéric Pieretti
Communications Officer #1 Jay Benedict
Communications Officer #2 Naoki Tatsuta
Ocean Fleet Leader Hideyuki Tanaka Mark Rolston Michel Elias
Ocean Fleet Pilot Banjō Ginga Sean Barrett Frédéric Pieretti
EDF Officer 1 Shigeru Chiba Mark Rolston Michel Elias
EDF Officer 2 Banjō Ginga John Baddeley Frédéric Pieretti
EDF Officer 3 Rihoko Yoshida Denise Bryer Pascale Reynaud
Moonbase Radio Officer Banjō Ginga Mark Rolston Robert Bazil
Computer Room Operator Rihoko Yoshida Sean Barrett Pascale Reynaud

Equipment UsedEdit

Earth Defence ForcesEdit

  • X-Bomber
  • Ocean Fleet Astrofighters
  • Moon Buggy

Imperial AllianceEdit

  • Imperial Battle Cruiser
  • Imperial Carrier Craft
  • Imperial Fighters


  • Behind Lamia and Kirara at Moonbase appears to be a picture of Space Station OW-9 from the 1954 American Television serial Rocky Jones, Space Ranger. It may also possibly be Galasphere 347 from another marionette puppet series, Space Patrol.
  • The EDF computer reveals that Makara's battlecruiser is 1,600 metres long.
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