Full Name Termoids (EN)
Gelma Soldiers (JP)
Homeworld Thalian Zone
Gender Intermediate
Status Unknown
Eye Color Red
Affiliation(s) The Imperial Alliance
First Appearance Scramble X-Bomber
Last Appearance A New Beginning for the Galaxy

The Termoids (Gelma Soldiers ゲルマ兵士) a.k.a. Imperial Soldiers are a race of low-ranking insect-like cyborg creatures that serve as drones throughout The Imperial Alliance craft and operations.


Nervous, cowardly, and not terribly efficient, they pilot the taskforce battlecruiser, Drone carriers and Astrofighters, along with other menial tasks. Unlike Makara and Orion, none of their biological components are visible. They are termite-like in appearance (reflected in their namesake) and use their tails as a means of balance.

They are called aliens but it seems that they are really artificial intelligences remodeled from beings similar to humans.

Their insectile appearance is reflected in their lack of individual names, though each has a number for example, the 'defector' used in Captain Carter's 'wooden horse' scheme in Episode 12 is #0171.

The majority of them are killed along with the main villains in the destruction's of the Alliance Battlecruiser and Imperial Fortress, though due to their mass number, it's probable that they are not all deceased.


Voice ActorsEdit

The Termoids were not subject to only one voice actor in each dub since they are not one single entity.


  • Although the Termoids appear in every episode, they can't really be considered part of the main cast of characters due to the lack of focus on them, the only focus one has received is in Episode 12 whilst playing more major roles in Episodes 15 and 16.
  • In the Pilot, the Termoids had a less bug-eyed appearance and only spoke in a series of eel-like screeches.
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