Name X-Bomber
Registry X-001
Launched 2999
Affiliation Earth Defence Forces
Pilot(s) Dr. Benn Robinson
Shiro Hagen
Barry Hercules
John Lee
Developed by Professor Hagen
Fighters Braincom
Defenses Energy Shield
Propulsion Energy Generator
Mass 70,600 tons
Length 259.5 meters
Width 38 meters
Height 39.5 meters
2 x neck-concealed laser cannons
2 x 45° Laser turrets
2 x manual
head-mounted laser turrets
2 x rear lasers
4 x wingtip laser torpedoes
First Appearance Scramble X-Bomber
Last Appearance A New Beginning for the Galaxy

Super Space Machine X Bomber (Xボンバー) is the title spaceship from X-Bomber (a.k.a. Star Fleet). Designed by Professor Hagen as Earth's final line of defense, X-Bomber is an experimental but immensely powerful battleship.


X-Bomber was proposed by scientists Professor Saburo Hagen and Dr. Benn Robinson and approved by EDF's General Kyle, who provided the research facilities on Moonbase.

After the disappearance of Professor Hagen, Dr. Benn took over the X-Project, and the construction came close to completion by 2999. However, due to the sudden impending threat posed to the Earth by The Imperial Alliance, General Kyle ordered that X-Project be implemented immediately, much to Dr. Benn's hesitation.

Star Fleet Training School's finest cadets are chosen to help pilot the X-Bomber; Shiro Hagen, Barry Hercules and John Lee, who are all sent to Moonbase immediately. With the urgency being doubled due to the Imperial Alliance attack on Pluto Base, they have to pilot the ship with no experience what-so-ever.

When X-Bomber first launches from Moon Base to combat a task force of Imperial carriers and fighters it does so on a wing and a prayer with an inexperienced crew. X-Bomber is downed during this encounter, crash-landing on the surface of the Moon, enabling Makara's forces to reach Earth Defence Forces.

Subsequent encounters clearly demonstrated the X-Bomber's ability to take damage and dish it out.



  • A ship similar in design to X-Bomber appears in Kotetsushin Jeeg, another series by Go Nagai.
  • It is known as Bomber X in the French Dub and as Warship-X in the Afrikaans Dub.
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