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X-Bomber Goes Forth
Directed by

Michio Mikami

Produced by

Kimio Ikeda

Written by

Go Nagai

Air Date (JP)

November 15, 1980

Air Date (UK)

November 27, 1982

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The Mysterious
Ship, Skull

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Mortal Combat in the
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X-Bomber Goes Forth (旅立つXボンバー! tabidatsu X bonbā!) is the sixth episode of Star Fleet. It aired on November 15, 1980 on Fuji TV in Japan, and November 27, 1982 on ITV in the UK.

Plot Summary

XBomberCrewpatch.png Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

X-Bomber returns to Moonbase after its encounters with the Skull, Lamia speculates on her possible connection with the Skull. Dr. Benn tells Lamia although she received the message, it may not have been for her, and asks her not do anything without further proof.

Meanwhile General Kyle at Star Fleet HQ analyzes footage of the Skull's battle with the Alliance. General Kyle believes that it can help with Star Fleet's war with the alliance and decides X-Bomber should trace the Skull, reasoning that Earth will be OK without X-Bomber, as F-01 is Makara's main priority. Dr. Benn explains this reasoning to the crew - Lamia will come along according to Shiro to "boost morale". He orders the crew to rest before launch.

Back on Earth, Star Fleet Command goes to 'yellow alert' as an unidentified ship approaches, when they see it's Makara's cruiser, they change that order to 'Red Alert'. Makara calls to demand the handover of Lamia to her, if they comply she will spare the destruction of Earth. Kyle orders Mars based Astrofighters to engage Makara's ship until X-Bomber can get there.

Makara orders Orion to prepare the Imperial Fighters to engage the Astrofighters, as on X-Bomber, the pilots are confused as they are alerted to launch early. Orion completely annihilates the fleet of Astrofighters, and Makara orders him to set course for Earth.

X-Bomber lifts off from the Moon, and also heads toward Earth. Makara keeps a calm head and surprisingly orders Captain Orion to retreat. X-Bomber resumes its mission to hunt for the Skull. General Kyle thanks Dr. Benn for once again saving Earth, Dr. Benn realizes that Makara will be following them and accepts this danger as it'll protect Earth. Imperial carriers meanwhile tail the X-Bomber as it scans for the Skull.

Dr. Benn briefs the pilots on finding the Skull, and tells them that they have to use every skill possible and use instinct. Hercules and Lee debate the connection between the Skull, F-01 and Lamia. Shiro considers to himself whether the Skull was the ship that brought Lamia to Mars. His thoughts are broken by Orion's cruisers opening up fire on the X-Bomber with the aim of drawing out the Skull.

As the battle draws out, the controls of the X-Bomber start malfunctioning, as does PPA. They find the controls are being interfered with by a near black hole, which is dragging X-Bomber into it. Shiro struggles to control the ship as it is being sucked into the hole. X-Bomber collides with a meteorite, knocking out the bridge crew.

Makara revels in their victory, having planned to draw the X-Bomber into the black hole.

Voice Cast

Main Cast

Character Japanese Voice English Voice French Voice
Dr. Benn Mikio Terashima Peter Marinker Robert Bazil
Shiro Hagen Toshio Furukawa Jay Benedict Éric Legrand
Barry Hercules Shigeru Chiba Constantine Gregory Michel Elias
John Lee Naoki Tatsuta Mark Rolston Frédéric Pieretti
Lamia Mami Koyama Liza Ross Pascale Reynaud
PPA Yūji Mitsuya John Baddeley Michel Elias
General Kyle Hidekatsu Shibata Kevin Brennan André Valmy
Number One Hideyuki Tanaka Jay Benedict Michel Elias
Number Two Masaharu Satō John Baddeley Christian Alers
Commander Makara Rihoko Yoshida Denise Bryer Annie Balestra
Captain Orion Reizō Nomoto Sean Barrett Christian Alers
Narrator Yuzuru Fujimoto Peter Marinker Michel Elias

Secondary Cast

Character Japanese Voice English Voice French Voice
Termoids Masaharu Satō Jacob Witkin Frédéric Pieretti
Communications Officer 1 Naoki Tatsuta Jay Benedict
EDF Officer Shigeru Chiba Constantine Gregory André Valmy
Mars Ocean Patrol Pilot Shigeru Chiba Mark Rolston Frédéric Pieretti
Moonbase Launch Announcer Hideyuki Tanaka

Equipment Used

Earth Defence Forces

Imperial Alliance

  • Imperial Battlecruiser
  • Imperial Carrier Craft
  • Imperial Fighters